How do I send large files to Strine?

1- You can send the files in a link that is attached to everyone at Strine's email footer.

2- <a href="http://www.strineltd.com/strineupload.html" title="Upload Flies to Strine, Ltd (500mb Max)" target="_blank"></a>

3- You can upload them to your project on our project management site; 100mb max. When your job starts you will have access to Strine's Onlin Project Management software; free of charge. Only you and selected Strine Team Members will have access to your files.

How do I send samples to Strine?

1- We recommend you use FedEx, UPS or DHL as these service providers are most reliable.

2- Your goods will incur a tax when they come into China based on the value you put on your shipping documents. If the item cost you a lot of money and you are worried about the goods being lost or damaged in transport, then we suggest you put the accurate value on the shipping documents and make sure the goods are insured. The rate of taxation coming into China will be about 40% of your declared value and Strine will bill you based on the cost we are charged for the tax.

4- IMPORTANT- Please make sure you have deposited money to our account for the estimated tax amount if you have put a value larger then $100 USD (delcared amount x 0.40=estimated tax amount) or if your box size is larger then 30 x 30 x 30cm or 12"x 12"x 12" (email us for details). We will not accept samples without priror acknoledgement and approval of the samples being sent)

3- Please email us the courier company's name and the tracking number so we can track the parcle.

Is my Idea Safe with Strine?

1-We recommend that all our clients sign an NDA with Strine to protect both parties.

2-All of our employees have signed NDA that bind them to the terms of the NDA agreement.

3-We have all of our suppliers sign NDA's with Strine

4-Our business is modeled on providing product development, manufacturing services and trying our best to help our customers build great products!