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You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Do Product Development and Manufacturing in China, Sooner!

Strine Ltd is focused on product development and manufacturing in China. As a client, you’ll join other leaders in engineering, product design, promotions/marketing and point of sale who let Strine be their secret formula for fast, quality results.

Because you’re a small to medium sized company tying to stay competitive in an increasingly global market, you’ll be pleased to access the same exceptional product development, creative solutions, manufacturing resources, and project management skills used by some of the worlds larges brands such as Ripcurl and Ben & Jerry’s.

Your association with Strine will allow you to outsource manufacturing and product development quickly, easily, and in a way that broadens your profitability.

In fact, the benefits of working with Strine are numerous. Here are just a few benefits:

1- We work with you to design the product so when we go to manufacturing we have a very intimate understanding of the product and quality control requirements. Which ultimately, lowers defective product reaching your customers and lowers costs associated with high rejection rates.

2- We have worked with most manufacturing processes and thousands of materials so we are able to design products around a specific process and materials so the design is as efficient as possible; which reduces the costs of your product giving you a better price point and increased profit margins.

3- Prototyping and testing are one of the most time/money consuming processes during product development. However, because we have access to low cost prototyping and skilled labor, we are able to offer you significant savings during this phase without sacrificing service or quality.

Strine Ltd has over 10 years’ experience in product development and manufacturing in China.

Our manufacturing and supplier relationships are solid and let you get your needs met as if you were a long time insider. And having been the winner in the past isn’t enough.  Our vendors are evaluated on a regular basis to maintain standards and pricing. Our design and engineering team members have more than 20 years’ experience with manufacturing products in China. And, you get clear communication on a regular basis to ensure you’re updated with the development of your projects.

If you are looking for efficiant and cost effective New Product Development and Manufacturing in China, look no further. You won’t find better value for money anywhere!


Industrial Design

Our design team works with you to craft your idea into a 3D image. This stage start by understanding the product in its entirety, then we do some online market research, competitor product study if required, followed by hand sketches, and finishes with 3D renderings so the client has images that represents what the product will look like after manufacturing. This is a visualization of the product and cannot be manufactured.


We design the product for manufacturability; incorporating mold design specifications, mechanical engineering and assemblies if required. We use industry leading CAD software such as Solid Works, ProE and Rhino. The outcome of this phase is a CAD model that can be used to make prototypes. 2D engineering drawings and a bill of materials are also produced. Estimated production costs can delivered during this phase also.


This phase can include prototyping and testing or can be used as a standalone manufacturing service if the client delivers the above CAD and 2D drawings along with the bill of materials.

Product Development and Manufacturing

This is a complete end-to-end solution. From industrial design, prototyping, testing, packaging, manufacturing and shipping if required.


Design Process



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Design Continuum. Boston, USA. A global Leader in Product Design.

Gardner’s Wildlife & Gardening, LLC A Home and Gardening Start-up Company

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My experience with Strine over the past 2 years has been exceptional in many ways....

Continuum, Boston
“I was very impressed when we encountered a problem during manufacturing and the goods arrived with some minor errors...."

Stewart Gardner, GWG
“The service Strine offers has saved me upfront costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Marty Parker, LLD